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July 31, 2007



The comments made about the owner of Recess are completely untrue - I was employed by Recess' parent company for over 4 years up until July of this year, I can tell you these are false rumors. He is a hugely respected individual in business especially within his organization and an even more respected Enterprenuer in a global sense - it doesn't make sense to spread rumors of someone who has worked so hard for his community.


I just heard this guy has a big construction company and property that is being forclosed on. He won't pay his bills. He also treats his employees like CRAP. Don't spend your money here.


Playground for kids is not supervised at all. I have been there 3 times and all of the times there were not enough people on staff. It was very dirty and one of the inflatables smelled like vommit. The first time i was there for a birthday party and i felt like that the kids were rushed and had time limits. They were only allowed to play for 45 minutes each.I have been to several places and i will not be returning to the playground for kids in Ankeny. I don't see why people are bragging about them so much. either they are related to the palyground for kids or they are having their friends Chant about how good they are, honestly, i am not IMPRESSED..


Where to go when it's raining, extremely hot, cold, or just don't want to go outside? But you need to burn some energy!?!? We greatly enjoy The Playground for Kids. At first I thought it was a bit steep $7.00 per child and I have three...but they have coupons all the time. You can get on their mailing list and find out about upcoming events and coupons. My kids love to bounce, run, hide, slide, play in bubbles, play ball, etc. They even have a toddler area that my one year old loves. They are great about letting parents get up there to help thier little ones as well. (Plus why should the kids have all the fun!?!?) We also like it because they don't have the games that require tokens and the casino stuff. Yes they do have two, a grabber game and a air hockey table, but much less than the other places. It's good ole run and burn energy fun!! Oh they also have food that my kids think is decent. Not great but decent. I'd recommend it to anyone. ;)


My family went to RECESS recently for a birthday party. My children are young 4,3, and one years old. It was very unimpressive to us. They have a toddler section for two and younger. This area is SEPERATE from the older children play area. If you go by yourself it is impossible to watch all of your children. They have "rides" that require tokens which cost an additional cost on top of what you pay to get in. They have a few games like skeet ball and a basketball game. Once again requiring tokens. They have some rides for kids but my children could not ride all the rides unless an adult went with them. Adults have to pay an additional $3 to ride with their children EACH ride. Seemed to expensive, loud, and not very fun. It was hard to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy because it was SOOO loud. We don't plan on going back again anytime soon.


My family loves the Playground For Kids in Ankeny! This place is amazing it's our moms groups favorite place. Its only $7 for ALL DAY play , parents are free and there are no arcade games, the kids don't fight and we can actually talk to each other and their food in really cheap, oh and the biggest thing ..it is really clean, they are constantly cleaning everything! I just had Portraits by Gerilynn take my kids photos at The Playground for Kids last Monday and they turned out great and then the kids got to play on The Playground BIG Treehouse..check out their website at www.theplaygroundforkids.com

Julie Tych

The Playground For Kids is awesome. You can pay $7 for each child to play all day ..no time limit. No arcade games so parents can actually watch a show, read a book or magazine while the kids play within site. They have at least 5 inflatables and the Big tree that kids can climb up and into different areas. The have great pizzas for around $9 so all three of us ate for under $15. The kids had a blast and were to worn out to fight with each other that night, it's my favorite place to go with my kids. Every parent needs to check this place out!

Ambers mom

Have you tried The Playground For Kids ? It's only $7 per child with no arcade games and the kids can run throughout 5 inflatables and they have an awesome tree house play structure with different slides. My kids love it and parents can actually talk or read a book . You can also bring strollers and parents are free. They offer open play times on Monday and Wenesday from 10-8 , Tues, Thurs and Fri from 10-4 and do private parties on the weekends. They have different thing on differnt days like Tattoo Tuesday which my kids love and other daily events too! You will love it it's a parents dream place, it's clean too. Anyway the website is www.theplaygroundforkids.com Check it out it's across from Outback Steakhouse in Ankeny.

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